The intense and mind straining training program that worked to chisel Gerrard Butler and the remaining 299 actors into impeccable shape for the Film 300 has been of huge speculation and keen interest to many since its release. We’ve all seen the movie right?

Here at Discount Protein Codes we’re able to show you exactly what happened in their training plans and how you can work to push boundaries and mental states to achieve the same physiques. We challenge you to go one step better and outdo Gerard Butler! Think you’ve got what it takes? Let’s see you pics on our Facebook page!

The initial fallacy is that the actors used an concentrated bodybuilding regime with over eating to portray a look of Powerful Spartan. This is not the case and we’re here to show you why! The program is an extreme and complex training mechanic that should not be tackled by the faint hearted and should not be performed daily. The 300 Workout is a complete all body workout and should be approached with caution and on alternate days if possible.

Truth be told there is no super Quick Win!You must also ensure you are supplementing your body well and taking the necessary proteins and other micronutrients required to support your bodily functions and growth.

Follow us on our journey and give the below 300 workout a go, we’re keen to hear your thoughts, so why not drop us your comments in the box below and share on social media! Challenge your friends!

 300 Total Body weight Reps as follows:

 25 Pull Ups | 50 Deadlifts at 20% 1 rep max | 50 Push Ups | 50 Box Jumps | 50 Floor Wipers | 50 Kettle Bell Clean and Presses (touching the floor between each rep) | 25 Pull Ups

To accompany the 300 workout it is really importantly to finely tune your diet, we haven’t been able to locate the exact to a ‘T’ diet held down by the 300 actors, but with years of experience here at Discount Protein Codes we advise wholeheartedly on the below:

  • Ensure you are drinking a lot of water, and keep on top of vitamins and minerals, you can get hold of these at discount prices here
  • Consume complex carbs such as pasta brown rice, sweet potatoes and oats are a healthy and great source of carbohydrates – ideal for fuelling the body through the 300 workout! Your metabolic rate will slow down in the evenings so be sure to limit consumption after 6pm.
  • Make sure you are consuming your macros daily, including enough protein. Protein is contained in Fish, Eggs, Chicken, red meats and many more products. If you’re looking for a quick fix why not try a Protein Shake. We recommend Myprotein for this and their Impact Whey Protein.

 If you’ve only just training or are building up to intense workouts DiscountProteinCodes.Com have come up with a beginner and intermediary workout to help get you up to speed before jumping straight into the 300 workout! Why not give the below ago?

150 Reps as follows:

15 Inverted rows | 20 Pushups | 20 V Ups | 50 Jumping Jacks | 25 body weight squats| 30 dumbbell push presses (15 each arm)

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