This week is National Vitamin D Awareness week (19th – 25th October).

Vitamin D is imperative for many bodily functions, such as absorption of calcium and improving people’s daily moods. However, we are acutely aware that popular statistics highlight that over 10% of men and women in the UK have low levels of Vitamin D. This is a problem and they can be very expensive to buy.

90% of our Vitamin D comes from organic sunlight of which is often limited at the best of times in the UK! recommend that if you fall into the following criteria you should most certainly look at supplementing your body through enhanced Vitamin D:

  • Regular gym goers and people looking to build muscle
  • Anyone that suffers with acne, eczema and other skin conditions
  • Over 65 years
  • Pregnant mums
  • Anyone who has low levels of exposure to natural sun light, e.g. if travelling aboard to Scandinavian countries in the winter months.
  • Young children and people with weak immune systems.

You can find Vitamin D in foods such as fish oils, milk and eggs, but again these are costly. Why not buy them at at a discounted price? Click the relevant product links to below to read more.

Key areas of development and support from Vitamin D:

Help strengthening bones

Avoid osteoporosis and osteomalacia – conditions where the bones become weak and more likely to break and/or fracture.

Protection against gum disease

Lower counts of vitamin D can be linked to periodontitis, or gum disease. Studies also support those with prolonged gum disease also had very low levels of vitamin D in their red blood cell counts.

The building of muscle

Taking vitamin D supplements significantly improves muscle growth and repair; as a result intakes of Vitamin D supplements are highly likely to reduce injury rates and stimulate muscle growth as well as improving calcium and phosphorus levels.

Vitamin D can also help improve your hearts function and dvelop brain cells!

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