The MyProtein Weight Loss Bundle review bought to you by DiscountProteinCodes.

No matter what your goals are – dropping a trouser size, fitting into that LBD or just wanting to get lean for summer or a special event the MyProtein Weight Loss Bundle is for you! Naturally we advise that supplements within this bundle are coupled with a healthy nutritious and active lifestyle, but this buddle definitely offers everything you’ll need to get lean and ensure you’re hitting your daily protein requirements.

This bundle is one of the best value on the market and it is certainly a great fix for Summer! Take a look for yourself. The team here have bee ntraining for years and when it comes to that summer shed this always in our baskets!

When you are using a Protein supplement to aid weight loss ideally you need to use it a means to an end, by that we mean, a replacement for unhealthy snack foods such as chocolate and crisps, an opportunity to curb that sweet craving or simply a supplement between meals to increase protein and other macro nutrient intakes.

The only issue with the MyProtein Weight Loss Bundle is that the CLAs are quickly used before the other products, with this in mind we advise buying a further supply to keep you going! A pot of 60 or 180 capsules should be ideal – you can Buy them HERE.

 Now the exciting part – What does the Weight Loss Bundle contain?

1.       MyProtein Impact Diet Whey (A top Diet Whey with a choice of flavours – 1450g pouch, Double Chocolate, Latte and Vanilla Cookie are well worth a go)

With the Impact Diet Whey, take 1-2 large scoops with water 30 minutes before or after your exercise. This supplement is ideal as it contains essential fatty acids, as well as providing a lob carb and high protein fuel for the day, the green tea extract is also excellent for speeding up metabolism and the Beta-glucans also support blood sugar and cholesterol levels .

2.       90 capsules of Theromopure

Thermopure the rocket to your workout – these are brilliant and you will feel full of energy while burning fat. Take 3 caps around an hour before exercise and let us know your thoughts in the comments box below! They are full of vitamin B and caffeine – feel the pump!

3.       60 capsules of CLA

CLAs – you can read our in depth and heavily researched review here, great for meal support and achieving weight loss objectives.

4.       90 soft gels of Omega 3, 1000mg

OMEGA 3 soft gels – ideal for those fish oils and optimal heart function support, take 1 gel up to 3 times a day.

5.       Daily vitamins

The Daily Vitamins are designed to be consumed with food to support nutritional bodily gains, these will also help with general health and improve immune systems.

6.       600ml Myprotein Blender bottle


Want to see What the Bundle can do for you? View the video: