Ever wondered how to set yourself up for the morning and day ahead in the best possible way? Sick of feeling tired, lethargic and unmotivated? Follow our Morning Training Guide and keep lean, clean and healthy.

The most important thing to remember is that everyone is in the same boat, routine and willpower is what will sort the men from the boys! Scared of 5am alarms? This could be something of the past if you follow our bespoke and handy guide.

Firstly, don’t be afraid of an early night, most people will procrastinate and stay up for hours on end using mobiles, tablets and other LED and digital devices in bed, this is a big NO! Using such devices before sleep disrupts your circadian patterns and can also work to impede the production of the sleep stimulating hormone known as melatonin. You can read more about this here – http://www.health.com/health/article/0,,20698930_4,00.html

Radiation and risk of fire are also two other key reasons why you should not be using your electronic devices in bed.

Cardio while fasted and morning weight training can allow you to burn between 5 -20% more fat; but this often depends on a number of variables including age, body type and body fat percentage. After years of training we tend to find that fasted cardio works well for people in single digit body fat percentage figures better than those with higher percentages. It’s certainly not a one regime suits all, and the simple answer is – find what works for you. What works for you may not work for your partner or lifting buddy, so experiment and be aggressive with your plans, don’t be afraid to change.

In the morning we recommend 5g or one heaped teaspoon of Myprotein Instant Ground Coffee. It contains 140 mg of caffeine enough to kick start the day. This is 60 mg more than a 250 ml can of Red Bull! Another quick comparison of caffeine amounts is as follows:

  • Jolt Endurance Shot 339 mgs per 100 g
  • On Go Energy Shot 300 mgs per 100 g
  • Mana Energy Potion 400 mgs per 100 g
  • NOS Power shot concentrate 212 mgs per 100 g

It is worth baring in mind that stress levels tend to increase at around 8:30 am for the average person, so consuming your coffee too early could be a big mistake – take your time and go easy. Why not mix a scoop of Impact Whey with your Instant Coffee in the morning for an extra boost of protein! Or if you’re really looking to pack on the lean gains, supplement with the following: 300 g low fat yogurt | 1 chopped banana | small handful of berries | 30 g peanut butter | 1 x Scoop Whey (Macros: 700 calories – 20 g fat | 70 g carbs | 70 g protein)

A pint of water every morning also provides provision for increased metabolism by up to 25%.

Why not try a 15 minute power walk before leaving the house for work? This will increase your blood flow, improve reactions and stimulate body growth and hormones. Basic quick body weight exercises are also a good way to kick start your morning, a short routine focusing on the whole body should be enough!

If you’re training before work and early in the morning, why not consider the Myprotein Pre Workout Range or checkout some of our Reviews.

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