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  • My Protein Mix Master | Shaker Bottle Review

    My Protein Mix Master | Shaker Bottle Review

    The Myprotein Mix Master Shaker Bottle Review bought to you exclusively by Discount Protein Codes. Ever wondered what the best way to mix and blend your protein shakes is? Look no further than the My protein Mix Master. This fantastic product and brilliant ergonomic design have given a rock solid rating of 4.5 out of 5! A blender bottle not to be sniffed at and something that is easy to transport day to day. If used correctly the state of the art Mix Master Shaker leaves lump free shakes suitable for consumption anytime. The product can easily be chilled for optimal refrigeration and the small mesh grill and 700 ml shaker cup are ideal for anyone that regularly consumes Protein shakes, ideal for use with Impact Whey Protein or Hurricane XS in particular. The Mix Master comes with a screw on lid and drinking tube, coupled with embossed sides depicting ml measurement ideal for balancing those macros and measuring portions. Why not use with our Guide to the 300 workout? You can even blend those more viscous products such as Peanut Butter in the blender if shaken or mixed hard enough. One of the greatest things about the Myprotein Mix Master bottle is that it is designed by Buchsteiner and is dishwasher proof. Meaning the Mix Master is ideal for those Birthday or Christmas presents for son and daughters! Buy Now for just £1.99. This product is rarely out of stock at and rarely receives any negative reviews, also remember if you spend over £50 or more in the UK you will receive Free delivery, you can view Myprotein Delivery Options here. A word of advise from our team of professionals:
    • Make sure you don't use with liquids that are too hot.
    • Do not microwave.
    • When rinsing the product by hand keep the lid off and do not use in the dishwasher
    • Ensure you leave clean and well dried to prevent stains of overuse and discoloring
    • Once mixed if using fresh ingredients leave to air for 2-3 minutes to prevent becoming bloated or too gassy
    • Make sure you don't overfill the Mix Master and try and store upright to prevent leakage - you wouldn't want Protein Shake all over your car or work suit surely?
    • Send us your Mix Master Pics to our social media pages: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram you never know you may well appear on the Official Discount Protein Codes Blog!
    • Hydration and Nutrition are key, make sure you check out the other Myprotein Bottles and Shakers here.
  • Myprotein Impact Whey Review

    Myprotein Impact Whey Review

    Myprotein Impact Whey Review from Discount Protein Codes Our Star rating given to this product is 4 out of 5 Product Overview: Myprotein Impact Whey is premium blend of protein concentrate holding up to 80% of protein per serving, whether your an avid gym goer, committed bodybuilder or just someone looking to keep fit and healthy Discount Protein Codes recommend Myprotein Impact Whey. It is one of the best on the market and is great value for money offering 20g of protein per standard scoop or serving. Key options when buying online or on mobile and benefits: Flavours: Myprotein Impact Whey is available in over 40 different flavours ranging from; Banana, Coffee, Various Chocolates, Cookies and Cream, Golden Syrup, Latte, Rum and Raisin, Stavia flavours, Summer Fruits and many more Amounts available to order: 1kg (40 servings per contain) | 2.5kgs (100 servings per contain) | 5kgs(200 servings per container) *all based on a single Myprotein scoop size of 25g. If you'd like to buy this product simply click here to be taking directly to the product page at Benefits of supplementing with Myprotein Impact Whey include:
    • If you're looking for quick recovery and lean muscle growth, this value for money protein will stimulate muscle growth and repair extremely quickly.
    • Impact Whey is available in over 40 flavours, so if you're fussy or don't like a particular flavour not to worry.
    • The protein is ideal for anyone keen to lead a healthy and sustainable diet fueled with supplements
    • The taste and ease of mixing is great, extremely easy and done in a matter of seconds, why not try one of the Myprotein Mix Master Blender bottles to blend your Impact Whey Protein? Our personal favourite is Chocolate Mint! The cost is only a little over £15, and if you're a New Customer click here and use discount code NEW10 for 10% off at checkout
    • The protein powder can be consumed with water or milk, and we recommend taking after training, or using a substitute to satisfy that sweet craving you may get from day to day!
    • 100% great quality and premium Whey powder
    How to take Impact Whey? The protein powder comes with a scoop; simply add 150-300 ml of milk or water and blend with a Mixmaster Blender bottle, mix with a spoon constantly for 1 minute or alternatively use a kitchen blender until thick and all lumps of power are gone. We advise to take 1 -3 times daily depending on lifestyle and how active you are, for example for a regular gym goer, up to 4 times per week, we would suggest 3 Impact Whey Protein Shakes a day.

    To Buy This Product simply Click Here. If you're a New Customer use Discount Code: NEW10 at checkout for 10% off.

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