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  • Myprotein Hurricane XS Review

    Myprotein Hurricane XS Review

    Myprotein Hurricane XS Review from Discount Protein Codes Our Star rating given to this product is 4.5 out of 5 Product Overview: These days there are so many supplements and protein powders on the market. Sometimes all you want is somebody to tell you how it is and what to buy! With Hurricane XS from Myprotein you pretty much have it all. That's right, it's an 'All In One' and offers outstanding value for money. Ideal for the student, experienced lifter or general gym bod. If you're looking for a product that meets all your requirements in one serving then you've definitely found the right product - not only are you going to save money by not needing to purchase 3 or 4 different products, you have a great blend and everything available in one scoop. The formula has been manufactured for use after an intense exercise session or for a meal replacements. Myprotein Hurricane XS contains a solid blend of Beta-hydroxy beta-methylbutyrate, Carbohydrates, Glutamine, Creatine, Protein, Oats and Dextrose. Key options when buying online or on mobile and benefits: Flavours: Myprotein Hurricane XS is available 20 different flavours ranging from; Rocky Road, Natural Vanilla, Strawberry Cream, White Chocolate and unflavoured that allows you to add your own flaouring - if this is the case, why not try Myprotein Flavdrops and many more Amounts available to order: 2.5kgs (100 servings per contain) | 5kgs(200 servings per container) *all based on a single Myprotein scoop size of 25g. Want to Buy this product, Click Here Benefits of supplementing with Myprotein Hurricane XS include:
    • Increased levels of Beta-hydroxy beta-methylbutyrat, Dextrose (good sugars) and Creatine.
    • Easily used on the go and for a quick meal replacement if required.
    • Aside of other competitors All-In-One blends such as Maxi Nutrition Cyclone, Hurricane XS leads the way in terms of value for money, taste, mixability and flavours.
    • Great opportunity to pack on lean muscle and size with an All-in-One blend.
    • There are only 135 calories in one scoop of Myprotein Hurricane XS, consisting of 56% protein, 35% Carbohydrates and 9% healthy fats
    Always remember that no supplement or protein powder guarantees the development of muscle alone. However if you're to work hard and show dedication whilst supplementing with such products you are almost guaranteed to see results. For the best results why not try our Killer Abs Workout stacked with taking one scoop of Myprotein Hurricane XS twice a day. To Buy This Product Click Here and use Discount Code: NEW10 at checkout for 10% off for New Customers. For Similar products and Discount Protein Codes please see our Reviews section of the website.
  • MyProtein Cookies Review

    MyProtein Cookies Review


    Myprotein Cookies Review from Discount Protein Codes

    Our Star rating given to this product is 4 out of 5

    Product Overview:

    Looking for a healthy and quick snack to satisfy that sweet craving? Have a HUGE weakness for biscuits and sweet tooth? Want to combat this by both taste and by means of protecting your wallet? Look no further than Myprotein cookies - they are packed full of protein with over 50% overall protein content. They are most certainly a winning alternative and/or supplement to traditional protein shakes such as Impact Whey and other similar shakes.

    These days there are so many 'on the go' and substitute style snack items on the market it's hard to know who to trust and what to buy! However with Myprotein cookies you're only a few bites away from 37 grams of protein out of 75 gram product! This compared to say just 2.3 grams of protein in an unhealthy Millie's Cookie from your local store! Simply a no brainer - take the Myprotein Cookies all day long!

    The cookies have a very good overall blended ratio of protein, carbohydrates and fats for most avid gym goers and fitness fanatics! Albeit it's not the usual cookie feel and texture it's soft and feels more like a protein bar, a little grainer than your normal cookies and they are most definitely less dense than a whey bar and slightly chewier. That being said you won't be disappointed and can't turn your nose up at the rock solid macros!

    Key options when buying online or on mobile and benefits:


    Myprotein Cookies are available in many different and great tasting flavours, these include: Cookies and Cream, Rocky Road, White Chocolate Almond and Chocolate Orange. Tip: Our Favourite - Double Chocolate!

    Amounts available to order:

    75g sample | 12 x 75g box

    Ingredients per cookie (75g):

    Energy: 1342 kJ, Energy: 317 kcal, Protein: 37.5 g, Carbohydrate: 19.55 g (of which sugars): 7.32 g, Fat: 9.93 g (of which saturates): 3.9 g, Fibre: 1.4 g and Sodium: 0.27 mg.

    Please note for anyone with allergies, these products may also contain traces of nuts and peanuts.

    To Buy Myprotein Cookies Click Here and use Discount Code: NEW10 at checkout for 10% off for New Customers.

    For other products and Discount Protein Codes from Myprotein please visit our Myprotein Reviews section of the website.